AAA fleet comprises of 4 single engine and a multi engine aircraft which are approved by DGCA for pilot training. The details of the fleet is as follows:

  • Fleet 5

    PA-34 3
    Aircraft Registration: VT- AJO Multi Engine Piper Seneca, Yet to be added in fleet.
  • Fleet 4

    Cessna 152
    Aircraft Registration: VT- SMB Single Engine , Two seater, training aircraft
  • Fleet 1

    Cessna 172 S
    Aircraft Registration : VT- ABK Four seater training aircraft.
  • Fleet 2

    Cessna 172 S
    Aircraft Registration: VT-ABN Single Engine- (PISTON) ,Four Seater ,Training Aircraft.
  • Fleet 3

    Cessna 172 R G1000
    Aircraft Registration: VT-TEE Single Engine- (PISTON) , Glass Cockpit ,Four Seater ,Training Aircraft.