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about us aaa

AAA is DGCA approved flight school in India and air Charter Company, in operation since 1994. Considered one of the best flying school in India, AAA operates from own hangars at SV Patel International Airport Ahmedabad and Mehsana Airfield. AAA currently has 5 single engine aircraft and one single / multiengine flight simulator. Ground school is conducted in air conditioned classrooms equipped with modern audio visual aids.

AAA's success is built on a firm understanding of what the aviation industry is looking for and we train our pilots accordingly. Our placement record is strong and we have graduates now working in India's leading airlines, corporate airplanes and flight schools.

AAA is committed to deliver high quality of all facets of flying training. AAA will continually strive to improve the quality of training as well as streamline the processes in line with DGCA and ICAO guidelines.

Group Companies :
Western India Institute of Aeronautics (www.wiia.org) Tecnam, Italy (Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam Srl Via Maiorise s.n.c. 8 1043 Capua (CE) Italy.) http://www.tecnam.com

Proud Achievements

  • Oldest functional private flight training school in India
  • One of the few flight training schools in India located and operating from an International Airport
  • Being first pilot training institute in India to import Elite I Gate class of Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer
  • Impressive placement record. Over 150 students placed in various airlines and GA sector.
  • AAA student, Capt Nisha Bagaria is the holder of Limca Book of Records for being the youngest CPL holder in the country.
  • Among the first flight training schools in India to import and commence multi engine training.
  • First Non-Scheduled operator to commence charter operations in Gujarat.
  • First academy to commence Air Ambulance services on Piper Seneca class of aircraft, and saving at least 4 lives.
  • Launching Indian chapter of Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association. (Later handed over to Indus Aviation)
  • Revival of defunct Mehsana Airfield in PPP with Govt of Gujarat.
  • Among the first flying school in India to carry out para dropping operations as part of adventure sports.
  • AAA is today considered among the best flying schools in India

Why AAA?

AAA's success is built on a firm understanding of what the aviation industry is looking for and we train our pilots accordingly. Our placement record is strong and we have graduates now working in India's leading airlines, corporate airplanes and flight schools.

Advanced Training Facilities :
AAA offers one of the best facilities to learn flying in India. We are committed to meeting the high expectations of the aviation industry. Our dedicated instructors, state of the art training facilities and latest aviation equipment combine to deliver the optimum training experience. AAA is one of the very few academies to operate from an International Airport apart from having user rights to conduct training at an self controlled airfield.

Infrastructure :
AAA is considered one of the best flying school in India, having its own hangars with all connected facilities at SV Patel International Airport, Ahmedabad and Mehsana Airfield, Mehsana.

Fleet :
AAA is the only flying institute in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with a fleet of 5 single engine aircraft- Cessna 152/ Cessna 172.

Single / Multi Engine Simulator:
AAA was the first flying academy in India to import state of the art Elite-i Gate full projection Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer. It has helped our students to get an advantage of training on a life like trainer.

Engineering Support:
We have excellent team of engineers who provide 100% serviceability at all times. We have a large inventory of spares, which is replenished periodically to ensure no break in flying time. We have company provided tools and our engineers carry out all schedules and repairs up to top overhaul of engines.

Instructors :
We have a team of competent and experienced flight & ground instructors. See 'Faculty'

Facilities :
We have air-conditioned classrooms with audio-visual training aids at IITE, Ranchharda, Ahmedabad and Mehsana Airports; Library, which is well stocked with Aviation books, magazines and videos and Crew Briefing room. All flight records are computerized and maintained by a Flight Supervisor.

Hostel :
Well furnished accommodation with choice of AC and Non AC rooms, with wholesome nourishing meals.

Excellent Placement Record :
Over 150 of AAA students are flying for various airlines and in General Aviation sector.


  • Name of flying school : Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics Limited
  • Validity of flying school : 26 Dec 2014
  • Number of aircraft : 5
  • Types and number of individual types of aircarfts : Cessna 152, Cessna 172.
  • Number of Instructors : Ground Instructors: 04, Flight Instructors 05
  • Number of students : 70
  • Name of MD : Dr Nagesh Bhandari
  • Name of Accountable Manager : Lt Col V K Nagar (Retd)
  • Name of the CFI/FII and his/her validity : Capt. Shankar Mudaliar
  • Name of the CGI and his/her validity : Gp Capt R S Yadav Sehgal
  • Name of QM and his/her validity : Mr Gaurang Shah
  • Name of maintenance Manager and his validity : Mr V K Mittal
  • Maintenance schedule approval and validity :
    • Both Ahmedabad & Mehsana Hangars approved for Cessna 172 / Cessna 206 up to operation 25 and Cessna 152 up to 200 hours schedule,
      validity 31 Dec 2012
    • Approved Battery Shop to carry out capacity testing of lead-acid battery.
    • Approved to carry out 500 hours inspection of Startes and Alternators fitted on Cessna 152.
    • Approved to carry out 500 hours inspection of Slick Magnetos of 4200 and 4300 series.
  • Class room facility and charges : Three air-conditioned classrooms with AV facilities at AAA Hangar and IITE complex,
    Ahmedabad and Mehsana Hangar.
  • Hostel facility and charges : Well furnished, secure hostel at IITE complex, Ahmedabad. Twin sharing rooms with meals.
  • Flying training rates per hour on each type of single engine aircraft : Rs. 10500/- per hour with effect from 01 Apr 2012.
  • Tentative duration of completion of flying hours to obtain PPL/CPL : PPL - 6-8 months, CPL - 16 - 20 months.
  • Number of students who passed DGCA exam : Over 400 since inception.
  • Number of students who obtained PPL/CPL with date of issue : See table at 'Why AAA'